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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Birth and Taxes

well, i have just done my taxes. hey, how bout that waiting for the last minute? oh, well. here is a weird thing i have found. i always get a refund from federal and always owe to state. i went over my last 3 years (2002-2004 taxes) and was surprized at what i found out. my fed return has been in the low 300s (around $320) but in 02 the state owe was $2, in 03 it was $34 and in 04 it was $329. that was $2 more than the fed refund! what is that about?

and that whole phrase as inevidible as death and taxes? well to me, who was born on april 12th, it seems more like birth and taxes. and i do my taxes right around my birthday. huh.

so now im $2 poorer. i guess it could be much much worse. bill says he had to pay tons, but i told him anything over $1000 would be incomprehensible and upsetting to me, so he didnt tell me, but laughed and said he wished.

time to get those wretched people in power out of power. grrr!


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