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Friday, March 25, 2005

weight watchers

a few weeks ago (exactly 3 now) i was out trying on clothes and i realized that i did not look good. my 30 year old body was not living up to my expectations. i mean, i feed it regularly and occasionally go for walks in it, and yet it was a pudgy white thing. like a grub. maybe i shouldnt have got that full length mirror, fluorescent light effect in february. so i have been going to weight watchers. my goal is to get back to 125 like i was since i was 16.

the first week i lost 2 lbs. the second 0.8 lbs. this week (weigh in is monday) im thinking it will be none. b/c i am at home. and on my way home today i stopped at the candy store. then wendy's. then i ate dinner with parents. now im eating ice cream. i am sure that (any one of those things, actually) is more points than i should be eating.

on a bright note, bill likes me like i am and last week he said i was "wasting away to nothing" or some such. (thats after the 2 lb loss, bringing me to 135. wa ha.

mmmm....coffee ice cream.


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