High Drama

Thursday, March 24, 2005


the theater in many different aspects are very important in my life.

tuesday i spent the ENTIRE day (from 9 am to 9 pm) with brief breaks for food and bathroom on the couch watching movies. is that theater? dunno, but im counting it.

i work often doing costumes for theater groups that i work with.

i am insane for deciding to direct, play in and costume a play this summer.

im helping (by being an artist eye) in the set design of Sojourner: a tribute to Led Zepplin.

i am depressed and totally unable to cope with the lack of communication with Bill while he is in London enjoying the theatre. it ends in a "re" in britian. im sure of it.

so i did not think that it would be so bad, but i get melancoly when i get home and there is no blinky red light on my answering machine. i am astounded that there are no emails waiting for me when i am bored at work (today). and i will be very very glad when bill returns from across the pond. huh. 5 more days.

i did get two letters from him today in the mail. YAY!


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