High Drama

Sunday, March 27, 2005

easter makes me tired

i came home to my parents house on friday night. and ate too much. every day. every meal. not that it wasnt good food.

i just woke from a nap. its just after 10 am now. ive been sleeping for a few hours. and then up for more. mom really loves to go to sunrise service on easter sunday. i prefer sleeping to standing in the cold (usually rain). so i was woken at 5:11, when i asked to be woken no earlier than 5:15. 4 mins is trifling, but that was 4 mins that i now will never get back. and it took me 11 mins to get ready, which no-one belived was possible. HA!

so i am tired, and once again hungry. unfortunately, i ate about 15 of my twenty daily points at breakfast. and have done no exercize to offset extra. huh. guess i'll just be heavy on my next weigh in.

well, time to get ready for going to my grandparents. im wearing jeans. and a cantelope colored sweater. uh-oh, earthtone shannan is going pastel. just getting into the easter spirit.


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