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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

best part about my job

this past weekend was helacious. i dont know if thats the proper spelling but that is what it was. i worked on friday with a montessori group (1st-3rd graders). they are only slightly above homeschoolers in my worst possible groups to have on a field trip. 8th graders are in there too.

an interesting (to only me) part of that program (it was about maple sugaring) was the fact that these kids have been coming for 4 yrs so most of them have had the exact same program several years in a row. and the parents of these kids need to learn about discipline. that is one of my big pet peeves. why does no-one understand discipline? and punishment is not the same thing.

so this one boy was obnoxious the entire time and we are on a hike thru the woods to see the champion tulip poplar which is several hundred years old. i told them that it sprouted in 1775 (thats our estimate) and it is 2005 now, how old is it? they are yelling out "a decade!", "1000", "50" and other crazy answers. so i said that when we got back to the center we could figure it out together. and the annoying boy (whose name i have already forgotten but it might have had a b in it) said "you will tell me right now!". and i said "i am not ever going to tell you because you are being RUDE." and he shut up and looked shocked. huh. so afterwards we are almost back to the center and their yelling and screaming are driving me nuts so i said "lets see who can walk quietly back to the center, the moms will help me figure out who is the quietest". "will we get a prize???" "yes, you will win an extra tree cookie" (which everyone already has one of). so we are back and the loudest ones who had been at the front of the line with me including annoying B boy are SILENT! i was amazed. and when we were back and all sitting down, i started passing out prizes to the winners. i asked the moms if there was anyone who deserved one and hadnt gotten one. and one mom said "oh they all get one". and i told her no, only those who were quiet. and she said that everyone should get one and i (who does not want to get into a contest of wills in front of 25 kids) said no, they have to deserve it. and she said she didnt understand. and i asked the kids if they all understood when i said if you were quiet you get a prize and they all did. and then i said "its not a reward those who dont deserve it get the prize" and then they all were silent. huh!

then right after that i had an overnight with girlscouts and one part of their badge requirements was to interview a scientist (thats me, even tho i "dont look like a scientist"). they asked wacky queistions, like have i ever been bitten by one of our snakes(no), whats my favorite animal(wolf, fox, mountain lion), do i have any pets(yes, a cat), what's its name(mulder), if i had to pick between and ant and a tarantula for a pet which would i pick(tarantula), and what is the best part of my job(being outside), what is the worst part of my job(being outside).

which brings me to the real aspect of this story (after the fact that i literally worked and was at work from 8:30 am on friday til 4:30 pm on saturday) is that most days people are jealous of my job, but today was not one of them.

it poured today. really. all day. i led 2 groups, one of 45 and one of 35 out to the beach (everyone had inappropriate clothing) and we got rained on. it also dropped from 50 to 40 degrees thruout the day. so it was cold to. and really windy. and it was a bunch of 8th graders. told you they were at the bottom of my list. and the teacher was an idiot. crazyness. if you are an 8th grader out there, why is aloofness, sullenness and goofing off your M.O. in school? i was never like that. of course i was a shy smartypants.


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