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Friday, October 15, 2004

story of my life

This is not really the story of my life, but it is the story of a moment of my life. That moment is not really a moment either. Mostly its just about my mother. My mother is a freak. A very friendly, loving, good cook type of freak, but still. At least I get it natural. She makes wacky comments. That is all her. She should have her own blog so I can make wacky comments, but does not. Sadly.
Im not sure where im going with this blog. Huh.
One day last month I went back to DE to visit the fam and to do the whole September birthday thing. My grandfather, his first born (my father), his first born (my brother darron), his first born (holly) and also darrons second born (regan) were all born between September 3rd and September 18th. So they are all virgos. Guh. So at some point I went to DE on the 19th? And mom and I talked about her coming to visit and when I had the day off.
Then on Monday the 20th I called and we talked about it and how dad, darron and mom were all coming over on Tuesday evening. I thought that was a dumb idea since they couldn’t stay long. No they decided they WOULD stay over night so darron and dad could go on a head boat out fishing the next morn. Huh. And mom and I did shopping things. I tried to guilt/bribe/doe-eye her into buying me a serger, but obviously that didn’t work. She did buy a cool blouse and we didn’t buy matching ones.
So on Wednesday we had a fish dinner and I fully expected everyone to go home so that I could have my bed back (mom and dad were in my bed and darron on the futon. I was on the floor, guests, hospitality) but dad thought it would be great if they stayed another day and turned to darron and said “if that’s ok with you”. HUH! Later he asked if it was ok with me. Very odd.
I made them smoke outside. I got some free dinners tho. And now they have seen my home. They were impressed. Its on the water. Of course, I only rent. And its just a studio apt, but nice anyway.
So that is the moment of my life that I said I would tell the story about.


At October 19, 2004 at 9:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can you say your mother is a freak? She is a lovely, creative, intelligent, born-again but perhaps slightly crazy, but funny soul. Anyway sleeping on the floor is good for your back. You could have gone fishing.

At October 20, 2004 at 5:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you would be happy to have your family invade your privacy for a while. They could be one of the families like on Jerry Springer or other silly, lowest common denominator (as opposed to numerator) type shows. You all could be on one of those. It would be titled, "My family came to visit and now they won't leave!" or "You have to smoke outside and then stay for a long time." I don't know; it could be worse. What if you had eight siblings instead of two. And what if you had parents who had divorced and married and divorced and married and so on until a family visit meant basically that your studio apartments looked for like a holding pen after a Yankees/Sox game than a studio apartment on the bay with the gentle light from the lighthouse shining in occasionally.

From what I hear, people really like your mother. I think you should blog about how much you are like your mother and how much you are different.



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