High Drama

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Saturday Afternoon

I think im feeling sick. I ate a whole can of campbells chunky chicken corn chowder. You eat what you must when stuck at work and no food was brought from home. The serving size is one cup. I put the soup in a cup (i.e. mug) and then ate it all. I think I might vomit. Due to too much soup in the belly and not good ingredients in the soup. Im sure that there are many things I have given up in that soup. Guh.
And I have to potty. But the bathroom is upstairs and I am hiding out down stairs so as to avoid the public. At least I am done my program for the day. And it s 1:40 so only a few more hours to go. I could walk the trail. Or work some more on my afghan for my new courtesy neice Evelyn Nicole. She was born yesterday! And I am mostly even finished the blankey! Hurrah! People were commenting that it didn’t seem to go with me cuz im all lovely neutral colors and it is happy baby girl pastels. Harrumph.
I hate auto grammar/spell check. It is fixing all my stuff and I don’t want it to.


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