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Friday, October 01, 2004

all my friends are freaks

even tho i am one of those freak costume wearing people, all my friends are freaks of some sort. especially all those who comment anonymously. my god i think i spelled that right!

im housesitting again. for 2 dogs. they ignore me. its quite odd. maybe i should be sitting in front of the tv and eating beef or something to make them think i am supposed to be here. huh.

tomorrow i am supposed to go into the deep and meet bill. dunno where/why/how/what or anything yet. very on top of things am i. at least i dont have to work. sadly, i have to housesit, so i cant go do a day trip or anything. pretty much can be gone as long as i would be away at work. huh.

is it dessert time yet? im wanting desert.

im on a new diet. besides my food neurosies, now im really going to stive for five. for the past 3 days i have had a fruit smoothie (made myself cuz the stuff you buy has HFCS) for breakfast. very nice for geting out the door quickly cuz can be drunk while driving to work. very important when i have stayed up too late talking on the phone and/or woken early and talked on the phone. this whole phone thing is odd. and wrecking my sleep habits.

im guessing the smoothie has 1 or 2 servings. lala. and i put yogurt in to make it healthy. the non-fat plain kind. i would like the full fat plain kind, but cant seem to find it. usually if there is the option, i go for full fat. full flavor. mmmm....fat!

and as a parting idea i have to say: hooray for the campbells. cuz even tho i stop by in the morn, wake them up, and make them entertain me while im in the freak pirate queen costume, they are fun and friendly!


At October 1, 2004 at 9:17 PM, Blogger cat said...

The Campbells DO rock!! And good luck and fun and everything meeting mr. dude...i hope that you at least have fun if nothing else and make some sort of connection. let me know how it goes! love love!


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