High Drama

Friday, September 17, 2004

Not up to Blogging Potential

this post is kifed almost directly from a letter to bill: i have been slightly busy with other types of internet writing. ;p like epics to some wierd guy in laurel. and thinking up 20 odd questions. and i cant write about you in the blog. what can i say? im writing this cool guy who i have never met that my mom is trying to set me up with b/c she knows his best friend? besides! my MOM reads the blog. i cant write personal things. or at least things i want to remain personal. or at least quiet. this whole writing thing is more subtle and less franticly obsessive than those other "relationships". its a bit harder (for me) to get obsessive when we both have decided we may not want to actually meet each other. does that make sense? im going to cut and paste most of that and put it in the blog. so there :)


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