High Drama

Thursday, August 12, 2004

sweet sweet sleepy time

i just got up from a nap. and then made some linner. this grazing thing will be the death of me. what i have learned is A. add extra salt, it will make you more full feeling and B. put in something that makes you think its meat; i.e. mushrooms. now mushrooms and salt are not directly (nor indirectly) from a plant, but i have a few exceptions.

i called dave the dairy farmer today. he was not in at the time. and tonight im going to see rob cuz he wants to put his new cooking skills to the test. sadly, i must bring most of the food. oh, well.

i put in 16 bingo cards today. 7 in pf and 9 in lusby. i hope to get one more in to pf by saturday. can i read 4 books in a day? yes, if small enough! i havent finished one that i was allowed to write down and turn in as long as i promised to read it by saturday, and if i hadnt be taken by a spell of sleepiness it woulda been done by now. and then i have to go have dinner and watch a movie! huh. i wont get those 4 done unless i give up sleeping. luckily i have off tomorrow!


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