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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

SRTs and other intenstinal trauma

SRTs are more annoying, ow. and its all men's fault. im not sure how it comes about, and why we can even get sympathy SRTs but it is true. grrr. (for those who are sad, pathetic, or simply not in the know SRT is sexual repression tummyache, named by the female members of "the mob" in 1994 at St. Mary's College of MD.

i dont have one. but i did. and the only cure? saltines. who is not allowed to eat saltines on this wacky new fast/diet? me. wretched and more wretched.

heres a useless fact i just learned last night: my name/ your name is mud is supposed to be Mudd. from a dr. samuel a mudd over in waldorf md who was conviced and jailed for many years for conspiring to kill abe lincoln even tho he didnt do it. he set john wilkes booth's leg during his get-away.

all full of useless knowlege.

this housesitting idea was crazy. im housesitting from here till dooms day practically. what was i thinking? yeessh. aug 11 to aug 22. then aug 26 to aug 30 then sept 1 to sept 6. and now sept 12 to sept 19. i need a partner in crime. or career. dunno. and then the sewing!!! gah gah gah. just keep thinking, at least its money???


At August 10, 2004 at 11:27 AM, Blogger cat said...

okay, this post rocked. first of all, i had no idea about the MUDD thing. very nifty to know. also: srt's suck. you need a good man, my friend. and eventually you will find one, really. and if that diet doesn't let you cure your srt, get off it. all things in moderation, including saltines!

At August 11, 2004 at 7:24 AM, Blogger g said...

I saw a documentary recently that talked about Dr Mudd... it was on one of the many discovery or history channels or something I get on my digital cable and watch b/c I'm a big dork like that.


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