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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Safety Nap

everyone should be given a safety nap. it is good. like when the 11 boys in camp are all crazy a good idea would be to knock them unconscious for a bit so miss shannan and miss alice can have safety naps. its more safe for us (sleeping on nice carpet rather than while driving) and safer for campers cuz we then dont accidentally lose them in the creek. oops.

this diet was a dumb idea. i am starving. all the time. i can see why grazers spend 70% of their day finding and chewing food. i miss cheese. i went out to eat with alice, tania and mitzi last night and ate a chicken quesidilla (even tho is totally not on my diet, cuz i was splurging) and it made me naseous. how sad is that?

i have given up mortimer. and i havent even called him since i got back from CA.

i am having a fun game of gov cup with all the girls this weekend. tra la.

i have been totally brushed off. so i will now be off to find a better fish. like josh. who owns his own company and likes the out doors. he rents kayaks and leads tours. or maybe the sicilian my mom wants to set me up with! sicilian!? i dont know if i can deal with that. it was just a subtle aside in one of her emails. never a straight-out fact that i should have been told! yeep.

time to go home to take a non-safety-nap. i fell asleep reading last night around 9:30. that is very sad. and i have to get a book read by thursday. yeah, tomorrow. picked up the book tonight. wack.


At August 4, 2004 at 10:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huh, you would disparage a nice little Italian boy just because he came from the land of the mafia dons? Your motha' should have taught you betta'. I vill speak to huh. Do you realize how hard it is to be a good Jewish mother in a blog? And after I carried you under my heart for 8 months! oiy vey!

At August 5, 2004 at 5:04 AM, Blogger cat said...

okay, who is anonymous b/c they are funny?! also: bye bye mort, hello FUNTIMES. also: i know you. maybe a sicilian would be fun. he would have met his match, alright. you wouldn't have to worry about walking all over him:) and josh sounds like a total winner, too. boys all around! raining men!

At August 5, 2004 at 6:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

eep, different anonymous person, but miss shannan, as much as you needed a safety nap yesterday, i am sure that today you needed one a bigillion times more since i abandoned you like a trick ho...but at least you weren't hospitalized with blood poisoning...it's the little things in life that count...like rainy rainy walks and little brothers picking up the phone and saying, "Alice, I think it's that happy woman again..." sweet sweettongue depressing good times...


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