High Drama

Monday, August 30, 2004


its strange how if you wake up early on a sunday morn to get up to annapolis to go have fun times with friends the relatively normal, generally innocuous (sp?) bubblegum pop/top 40/ "best hits of 80's, 90's and today" radio stations programed into your car suddenly turn into either full on contry or preachers trying to stuff Jay-sus into the hole that is missing in your soul. i do not need full-on country. if i wanted it i would go further into SMIB-ville. i was trying to escape smibville. and if i need to see the work of god i would just step outside. there is someone up there and he has a sense of humor. but its warped. as i was trying to escape both bible bashers and twangy men on radio i was confronted with full grown lady praying mantis right in front of my eyes. maybe she materialized with the Jay-sus man. p.m's are very nice happy creature. except for the eating head of their mates. but anyway. it musta been 5 inches long and was about 4 inches from my head. i reclined the seat back, but there is only so far you can get away. i kept waiting for her to drop onto ME! eep. they are fine in the wild. not in my car. eventually she fell and crawled to window but found it too windy to escape so she turned and faced me with the creepy eyes and very pointy leggy bits and looked like she was ready to lunge. which she DID!!! yeah, screamed. but the wind (my savior in this instance and not the bible thumper at all) fwooshed her far far away. guh.

no more leaving the car window open over night.


At September 3, 2004 at 6:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

huh. no-one is commenting. what is that about?


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