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Friday, August 06, 2004

Important for Bug Camp

1. "how do you ask" must be applied to every question.
2. only very special people get to see all the faces of alice.
3. if you are a parent you should really, really, really (man i can not stress this enough) teach your children how to tie their shoes by the time they are 8. thats going into 3rd grade, ya know?
4. surf socks left out in the rain, closed in a car, and worn for a week straight do not smell fresh like peaches.
5. shoes could have a hard plastic sole, like me. (so says alice....im not sure which me that is)
6. the not-so-fresh string mop is more chocolate and the quickie sponge mop is vanilla.
7. stepping on a nail is never a good idea.
8. just the idea that there are 1. jellyfish 2. sharks 3. crabs 4. monsters of the deep in the water you will visit is enough to make 25% of 6-8 yr olds refuse to go in the water and/or complain of symptoms of attack by any of above creatures.
9. you should not have favorites at camp but leah and alex are them.
10. mama bird should be raised to permanent marker status.


At August 7, 2004 at 7:42 PM, Blogger cat said...

i'm loooooving all your blogging! you are crazy, but we love you anyway. b/c we are all nuts.


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