High Drama

Friday, August 06, 2004

Hard Plastic Soul

hurrah! camp is finished! at least for this week. after a fun exciting week of one intern, samantha, stepping on a nail and going to the er and then getting "little red streaks" and alice going off to have fun with the doctor and a full physical ("NAKED") then shopping with (sad face) her own money, leaving miss shannan alone with 15 small children in the pouring rain; i am glad these kids are gone! except for leah and alex. they i will miss.

yesterday i had a great (note of sarcasm inserted here) time with un-raincoated 6-8 yr olds hiking thru woods and getting drenched to the skin. "can we go home now" was a fun exciting chorus thru the hike. then many didnt have a change of clothes even tho i sent a letter saying ALWAYS bring a change of clothes from the skin out. but NOOO. and several of these 8 yr olds did not know how to tie their shoes. what is the world/our educational system coming to? i had to know how to tie my shoes to go to kindergarden! it was travesty. plus its the boys i wanted to accidentally A. push over the cliff into the waiting bay, B. lose in the forest, C. feed them lots of tranquilizers or D. lock in a room with wild monsters that were the ones that did not know how to tie shoes. or play with others. errrrrg. the "punishment chair" was put to use. there is no chair. it is really just any likely spot in which said offender must sit for a totally arbitrary amt of time without associating with others until adult feels less apt to kill.

alice even got to see a fledgeling eagle. maybe. it was a monster that lived (or at least hung out for a bit) in a very cool tree that has a big hollow in the base. it is our "grandfather tree". it was born in 1775. or thereabouts.

not so sleepy today as i was yesterday. hurrah for beach and watching kids splash about in water. when its sandstorm-type windy and only 75 degrees. who woulda thunk it in august in MD? wacky. it goes with the downpour yesterday.

must go home. buy not all plant based food for melissa who is arriving around 5:30. tra la! hurray for mostly neurotic friends who relate to all my own neurosies! ooo! found pasta made only with organic duram wheat. not any added wretched vitamins and what not. and dates are my new best friend.


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