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Monday, August 09, 2004

Gov Cup

so the other day i actually was really wanting to blog, but not near a computer (i usually use the library one) and now i dont remember all the fun stuff i wanted to say.

anyway, i went with compatriots in crime/shennanigans/craziness melissa, rowan and whit. hurrah for fun times at the gov cup. this is my 8th (?) time and mel's 5th and rowan's 3rd and whit's 1st. maybe he will be a convert. and i did not see bk there, who i always see (he's fun to flirt with) but i did see DAVE THE DAIRY FARMER!!! he tells me he no longer owns a dairy farm, but since i first met him at gov cup 6 or so years ago and he had a dairy farm then, he will forever and always be dave the dairy farmer.

and we got hit on by drunk guys! that is always an adventure. fun to rebuff. wa ha. one of daves crew mates named jeff was seriously drunk and asked me when was the last time i was good and truly kissed and so i said yesterday. "by who?" and mel jumped in and said "me". wa ha! hurray for fun friends. then when i had completely rebuffed him, he tried the EXACT same line on mel. i mean, how dumb can you be? dorks. they are all dorks. we go to people watch. and see if we can find d.t.d.f. last year he wasnt there cuz his boat was hit by lighting. i laughed and was told it wasnt funny.

also i have decided (after seeing my good friends put on the biennial midsummer nights dream) to put on my own BAWDY m.s.n.d. with a cast of 13 doing all the parts. i will be titania and reprising my role as hippolyta queen of the amazons. and it will be all adults and VERY bawdy. i cant believe the not-so-subtle but out of date sexual content in the whole thing. now i just have to find some players. me, jason, kira, her boyfriend and maybe jackie. i will have to ask some other actor type people. tra la! i read it again and again. it is my new obsession. at least its healthy? dunno. it will be great fun. and all my friends who want to be in it, but without learning millions of lines will be fun fairy folk or villagers. hurrah!

now off to belly dancing. hope i dont jiggle so much i put my back out like last time!


At August 9, 2004 at 7:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

one obsession for another?

At August 11, 2004 at 7:22 AM, Blogger g said...

I miss gov cup... it's fun times. Maybe I'll be able to make it back next year.


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