High Drama

Friday, August 06, 2004

Anonomononous Friends

i dont like that word. anomonyous. or what ever. i love my "A..." freinds. tra la. they are all secret friends. they should have blogs of their own. sadly are left in the dark ages of blogs that cannot be cuz all the good names have been taken. huh.

as a secret aside the one who claims to be a jewish mother is not. she is methodist.

and miss alice is a trick ho. but at least she knows who is her happy-happy-joy-joy-not-so-fresh-many- many- times- goddess- boss.

ps. i hate the freaking need to always change the time. i will pick random and useless times.

and i have been sucked into the fun excitement of bloggification and have bought NO non-plant-based foods for melissa!

and i have recently learned why its called a blog. (weB LOG) woah for smarty pants friends.


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