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Monday, July 12, 2004

women’s circle

last night I went to my womens circle. Ok, its not mine, cuz it was the 1st time I’d gone, but anyway. It was ok. Sorta woo-woo, but nice. I was the only unmarried-never married-childless person there. I felt like I needed a baby. But I really don’t.

ok so the crazy thing is there was a lady there who I looked at and knew I recognized from somewhere, but since I work with the public, I mean really, I see thousands of people in a year. Anyway eventually she said “Shannan, you went to St. Mary’s, didn’t you?” and I said yes. “are you friends with Gianna?” now Gianna is not a common name, unlike Jennifer or Christopher. Turns out the lady was Christina and she had roomed with Gianna back in QA and she grew up married Kevin, has a 4 yr old named Ethan and is due to have another son in October! Woah. Small world.


At July 13, 2004 at 1:05 PM, Blogger g said...

OMG! That is craziness. And when i lived with her she was telling me how she wanted 4 kids, and wanted to pop them all out within like 4 years, with twins in there.


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