High Drama

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Parlous Choice

"One variety pack (spice of life, for extra choice: alluring Kellogg's-style suggestion) and one Improved Ultra Lightweight Latex Teat Ended for Even Greater Sensitivity. "  note to readers, if you dont read the comments then you are sadly out of loop and should be shunned to the basement.  perhaps i read too much bridget jones, but that can not be true.  she is my new bible/selfhelp. 

the wonky thing i have realized while re-reading bridget jones, edge of reason is that (ok, this will be more than one sad thing) A.  i am obsessive, swinging madly from confident to pits of despair like bridget; B.  have wretched possibly un-fresh feeling initials like bridget; C.  should not rely on any self help books, even men are from mars like mom full-on believes in, but should be confident and honest;  D.  mantra should be 'am assured, receptive, responsive woman of substance who does not take responsibility for others behavior, only for own', even tho it doesnt really work;  E.  Mark Darcy is an unattainable goal, but if you love someone you should let them know.   even if you dont love them and simply fancy them, then that is good too.  altho perhaps driving past their house 4 time to see if they are home, calling 28 times just to hear their voice on the machine, and reviewing all old letters just be sure you hadnt dreamed up said person is a bit excessive.  i have done none of these things, so you should be proud.  very difficult to do when am currently on opposite side of the country.  maybe bridget is not the best choice for role model.  hmmm.  will consider.  over milk tray, silk cuts, and chardonnay. 

doom.  DOOOOOM! 

maybe i need less books and more action.  preferably in the snogging department. 



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