High Drama

Friday, July 16, 2004

Other side of the country

it is now 8:30 am here in CA.  it would be 11:30 at home.  i am not feeling jet lag or what not, but i am feeling that many small children running about the house makes for mess and not so much sleep.  yay me.  i made fun happy dresses for regan and holly.  holly loves hers.  she actually remembers me, unlike regan.  regan is 2, holly 4.  holly decided to wear her "hollyanna" dress to school today.  its a polkdotted pinafore.  and i put her hair in braids.  hurrah!
i am feeling not quite up to going out all by myself while here in CA.  the drivers are crazy.  ill wait til im sure rush our is over.  like 7pm.  wa ha.  im not sure what i was thinking, coming out here and just having nothing to do, no plans and ann being at work the whole 2 weeks.  yeep!  i will be domestic and make food and walk the dog and read lots of books!
when i arrived and started to unpack there was a note that my baggage had been inspected!  what is that about?  its probly cuz the bag was a million pounds.  the baggage check in lady said it was just at the edge of allowable load.  whatever that means.  its probly cuz its full of books that i hope to read while here.  ive finished 2 since i left MD at 4 am yesterday morn.  im all about super skinny quick read books. 
now i have to surf internet or channel someone to think of a good dinner to put in a crock pot.  hmmmm.


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