High Drama

Monday, July 26, 2004

New Day

it is a whole new day.   altho i dont really consider it so, since i havent actually gone to sleep from the day before.  i just finished bridget jones book.  lovely lovely book.  lots of good tips on how to and/or how not to live life. 

should be required post-college reading. 

after getting inundated into the book i always talk with no subjects and with wonky british language.  "prat!"  "in the loo"  "i have to go to hospital"  ok, so thats really all it is.  dhurr.

my thought is why is noone awake when i am?  i dont care that its 1:15 AM on a (technically) monday morning and most people have to work and by my friends (east coast) standards its 4:15, sometimes i just need life to revolve around me. 

and that is the reason for the non-wedding. 



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