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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

More off than Usual

I did not wake at 5:30 this morn. ok, i did for a mo, fed the kitty and or let him outside (im not quite sure right now) and then went back to bed. i was sure id be up by 7. then i actually woke and it was 7:58. i was flabbergasted.

no more reading til very late at night for me.

i did just finish a really good re-telling of the story of troy tho. it was called goddess of yesterday. it made me wonder if i missed the brad pitt troy movie. how could that have happened? and then i had to try to figure out who orlando bloom would be. in this book paris was a big dork and helen should have been drug into the street and shot. or stabbed with a spear. repeatedly. she tried to kill her son. how wrong. see how im all up in arms about a book? maybe people are not meant to read a book a day for 2 months straight. i only have to read i think 27 more books to get the whole bingo thing i aspired to done. and the bingo game ends aug 14 i think. now my prob is not romances or selfhelp books it is social concerns and westerns. i do not care about what the rest of the world cares about. now if there was a book about figuring a way to kill off the larger part of the worlds population, i would be all for that.

i have found plays are the easiest. just a quick little read.

off to read more. and to pack for CA. hooray for flights out at 6 AM. bleh.


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