High Drama

Monday, July 12, 2004

I will survive: think Gloria Gaynor

I have survived the “Alone in the Woods” survivor camp. And I didn’t even force kids to eat bugs. They were all about making fires tho. And playing capture the flag. Capture the flag is not a friendly game tho. Cuz there is taunting and usually some sprained ankles or lots of bleeding thorn scratches. That is one place where we learn “the bandana is your friend”. At the pot luck/ campfire wrap up there were awards given out. My award was not-so-fresh fire goddess. Alice’s was sweet-sweet high five for that. Samantha’s: bead-master mom and shoe detector. There were other good ones like splits mvp, maiden glump, blister queen of ploys, groovemaster with way leadership abilities, I lost my shoe cuz I was abducted by aliens and other equally appealing ones. Tra la.

Important things learned while cleaning up after the survivor breakfast.

1. Tang is the Devil’s work
2. frootloops, while sparkly and beautiful, are not a pleasant thing for the 7:30 belly of Shannan
3. even is Geneva, Julia, Alan and Ryan stay up til 2:30 am, they will still get up by 6:30. what is that about?
4. not-so-fresh is a good award
5. “the Jonx” is always a great term to re-institute
6. Alice should not poke her bruises
7. You should not have favorites in camp, but Calvin is it
8. Hooray for happy happy Pez pants
9. flashing your super-girl panties is only acceptable to be done at adults


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