High Drama

Thursday, July 22, 2004

High Desert

These last two days (tues and weds) i went foraging out on my own and didnt even die.  altho occasionally i wanted to.  i went to palm springs which is somewhere out in/near the mojave desert.  notice i say desert.  altho the temp here in san clemente averages a lovely 80 degrees the further east i went the higher the temp rose.  by the time i got in palm springs, it was 115.  and i didnt see any springs.  mostly i saw lots of rocks and some dead trees. 

at the san jacinto park (at the top of a huge mt, i took the arial tram to get up there) it was cooler but all the trees were dying due to drought and bark beetles.  i hiked around for a bit, but really missed green.  that greyish color they call green is not really.  growing up on the eastern shore makes me a bit sensitive to the green issue.  for instance:  ireland is not any more green than delaware.  so hmph.

i had a great fun time at the living desert museum and searched for the cheetahs for quite a while, but never found them.  and i fed a giraffe.  they have got wacky tongues.  i am sooo glad that they do not kiss.  gleh. 

and what i realized about the joshua tree park is that it has lots of scrubby trees (joshua trees are not that beautiful) and lots and lots and lots of rocks.  i mean, how many pics of rocks can i take?  6; that is how many.  and one was mostly the yukon in front of rocks.  and i made sure to get the one clound in the sky in most of the pics. 

now im back in s.c. and ann suggests i go out exploring, but i might just sit around and read.  and then go to walmart.  MAYBE ill go to the wax museum. 



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