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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Fin de la mez

its like the end of the millenium only different.

and it is time for me to start my new diet. its not a diet in which i try to lose weight, eeww. its a diet to test my will power and eating habits. the plan is to eat only fruits or veggies for one month. brian does a fast simular to that but in january and i think thats silly. take advantage of the fresh produce, really! and i can only eat things that are like directly from the plant. so no veggie soup cuz its got wonky stuff in it. unless i make it myself. i bought 40 bucks of produce this afternoon. and beans. i can eat beans (brian wasnt allowed to) and ill eat flour or meal based foods if i make it myself. there will be no quick processed foods for me. and im the queen of processed foods! also no dairy. WHAT no cheese!?! that is the hardest. im giving my snackies and cheese to jason.

speaking of jason, we went out last night and had a great time. we saw spiderman 2 and went to the chinese buffet. and then hung out and talked for a long while.

i am feeling much better now. much more relaxed. i was feeling all stressed out and obsessive b/c mortimer has not yet called or emailed me. cat pointed out that he could be in the V. I. still, since we never talked about how long that would be. so that spazz episode is at least mostly over. hurrah.


At August 2, 2004 at 6:29 AM, Blogger g said...

Good luck with your eating change. I could never do that myself.


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