High Drama

Friday, July 02, 2004

Depression era spending

ok, so this is not a depression era.

i went to wal-mart this morn to replace said chewed upon brush, tooth brush, carrying cases etc. Walmart did not have a brush i wanted (actually they had no brushes cuz they were doing some re-stocking thing). and they had no mini shampoos etc. so since i was feeling sad and without fun things to replace my stuff and since i didnt want to use my credit card for a $3 bill, i decided to get happy things. namely underware. very nice, very friendly. got one happy stiped green and blue bra, got a different striped exercise bra that i can wear without a shirt, got a red racer back bra, got a 3 pack of exercise bras for belly dancing, and some fun panties that say "hi im an aries" on them. and a cute little tee-shirt with the mean siamese cats from lady and the tramp on them. so my possible $3 expenditure turned into a $40 expenditure. but now i have fun happy underthings. i think that stems from having to wear boring outer things (uniform) all the time. i like cool socks too.


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