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Monday, July 12, 2004

cross country

ok, so i tried to blog while at work and my computer whatnot will not let me do so cuz the site is restricted. how sad for me. then i typed it all up in a word format and sent it on to my dear, computer literate friend cat. she is on top of things, im sure. altho since she doesnt blog herself, i dunno what this is all about. hmm.

i got up at about 5:30 this morn, cuz thats when i woke up. and i had just gone to womens circle the night before and one of the things i got was this list of native american ethics. number one was get up with the sun to pray, pray alone, pray often. so i did.

and it was like staying up to watch the sun rise while in smc. yeah, got to see the sky lighten. so i dunno if i actually saw the sun rise or if i missed it or if i went inside too early. hmmm.

well, its lunch time, and altho i had a fresh pepper from my garden and a few cheese crackers, that is not really a lunch.

i will be heading to CA on the 15th, and that should be a great adventure. im hoping anyway. ill see my sis in law and my 2 nieces. i made them happy fun dresses, tra la!

off on a new adventure!


At July 13, 2004 at 1:02 PM, Blogger g said...

Yeah, I would like to know what is up with Cat not blogging as well


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