High Drama

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Children of the Bard

so i went to see a play this morning with some peoples i know. and now josh is making me have stressful breathing. cuz he keeps staring at me. and he is no good at the catch the diamond in his shirt game.

he thinks that is funny.

now he is off with other youths. sad for me. not really. very cool peoples, but sadly all very youthful. hence the youth players.

my good friend jackie is the director of these youths. and i am frequently their costumer.

jackie will be driving me up the the airport tomorrow morn so that i can be saving moneys. yay for saving moneys.

this is a realization i came to last night. the reason i have been so obsessive with the beach book bingo is so that i will not be obsessive about mortimer, even tho i am, but simply on a lesser extent.

it is very sad that he is in the virgin islands forever. sigh.

i think i have as many books on my trip as i have clothes. who needs clothes? i mean really. im sure ann has a washing machine. hurrah for 5 t-shirts and 1 pr of shorts. ok, i have more than that. insanely i have 4 prs of shoes. im slightly addicted to shoes. and i gave a trash bag away.

ok, off to next show!


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