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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

more important things

yesterday i said some important things i had learned that day.

i guess i really didnt learn them, at least came to the realization they were important. cuz i ate another pound of cherries for brunch. but added a honeybun and a glass of milk to make it more breakfasty.

1. being alone is only fun if youve got things to do.

2. hotmail can be evil. especially if the only mail i get tells me how to spy, lower my intrest rates or increase my penis size. im not sure how that last one would work, since i have no penis.

3. work creeps up on you and suddenly you feel like screaming cuz deadlines (in my case camp starts next week) are looming.

4. belly dancing is good for you.

5. cold pizza for lunch and hot pizza for dinner, while getting rid of food in fridge, is not the best choice in eating arrangements.

6. if you really want to win beach book bingo go for the thin books and be vigilant in completeing a bingo. dont go about reading whatever you want and then have 15 books read but only 4 count in any order. gah!

there were comments about my earlier important things. yes pajamas are clothes. going about naked, while comfortable and cooling in your own home, is not acceptable in public. stick time is 11:11. notice how they look like little sticks. esp on digital clocks/watches. you get to make a wish at stick time too! mine is the same wish all the time. or at least mostly. HEALTH.


At June 30, 2004 at 4:42 AM, Blogger cat said...

Well, see you should also have the pizza cold for dinner, or cold for the next day's lunch, and you'd be fine:)

also, your blogging rocks.


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