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Monday, June 28, 2004

drowning under a deluge

One of my fave songs is "its raining men" by geri halliwell, not the weather girls. last month felt like it was raining men. none of them good. guh.

So on to better and brighter things! today that is called mortimer. i will call him mortimer, altho he calls himself mort.

well, i called the number he gave me, and got the womans voice. yeah, bothersome, that. so i emailed him essentially asking if he was 19 or there abouts and jailbait, cuz if that was true i would not be pleased and would not be going out on dates. he thought that was funny. he is 25. he IS living at home, but just came home in the last month or so after moving out of some place in baltimore area. so has not lived at home the entire 25 yrs of his life. thats just creepy if that happens. if you went to college and then procede to live at home for years you are weird. i figure if you are not outta there by 23, bad things man. i jumped ship and moved to tennessee rather than stay at home any more.

so later on thursday mort called me. i was housesitting that week, but was actually at home when he called so i got to talk to him which was good and he wanted to go do something but not the normal dinner and a movie thing in which you cant talk or get to know the other person. so i said he could come and hang out at the house sitting house. he is utterly clueless about where stuff is in this county. i met him at the walmart and we caravaned.

the dog i was sitting for had left presents, that mortimer found. yay him. and we played with the puppy and picked clovers and read poetry (he saw the ones that i had published in the contest for the 350th historical celebration and was impressed). We didnt ever even succumb to the boring "sit in front of tv and watch what ever dribble is on" even tho law and order is not dribble. it was great hanging out and i felt an instant connection. he said the same. like a warm feeling right below my sternum. thats the 4th chakra im told. or some such. turns out he has hobbies of painting, drama, reading and writing. very sim to me. i do less painting and more drawing and lots more sewing, but anyway. very good connection. and we seemed to fit. and he kisses well. haha. i do not like people who kiss like a dog. and he makes cute noises. it is making me happy happy right now just thinking about it. this is what Cat calls twitterpated.

plus "peaceful world" makes me happy. im listening at this second!

then we made a date for friday 6/25 to make lavendar scones for the midsummernights dream fairy party i was going to on sat evening. great fun. waited and waited on friday and no mortimer! very sad, but i am sorta used to being told one time to meet and actually not meeting for hours later. last boyfriend again. so i finally called him and no answer. grrr.

later i got an email that he had lost my number. but he found it on the caller id. and called and said he had to go unexpectedly out to PA! what is that about? and he wouldnt be back til tomorrow. well, i called saturday hoping he was back, had skipped work and wanted to go to the fairy party. i made a poofy shirt for him so he wouldnt be out of place. he was not home and the lady of the house (being obviously unaware said he was in county and wouldnt be going to PA til monday!!) that made me angry. the contradiction. eventually i decided to believe mort not the random woman id never met and not get spastic. still, i went to the party with no mort. very sad. and saw one of my previous boyfriends (drew) there with his new girlfriend. it was ok, cuz i was in my lord of the matrix costume and had sharp pointy weapons and had drug my friend rowan and her boyfriend whit along. there was lots of fun at the party (like maypole dance, wooing contest and dares) i had to tell a secret. it was very enjoyable to all the peoples. then i bolted cuz i had to be up at 6:30 the next morn to get ready for my initiation into the native american ideas society i had been taking classes in, and i had to stop in and feed cats at another housesitting place. i am the housesitting queen. the month of june i didnt housesit 6 days. and july seems to be filling up!

so now im tired. i have to go out and play on the beach a bit. it is a most beautiful day. not very hot, nor humid. and i dont have to go to work! tra la!


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