High Drama

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Dramatis Personae

Who thought it would be a great idea to star in, direct, costume and generally be most every name on the play bill for Midsummer night's dream? who did that???? i must have been smoking crack at the time. directing is a big pain in my butt. more so than carrying numberous marginally heavy boxes up and down lots of stairs.

at least i have some good support in my cast and i can do this. at least I can, i dont know if anyone else can, but i will perservere and keep on keeping on. besides i vent to bill and jackie and then i feel better. on those days i can actually sleep. it will be alright.

if you or anyone you know is willing to committ to learn lines, attend rehearsals, and be an all around bonus to my cast, lemme know!

Friday, April 15, 2005

taxes revisited

ok, well, Bill has set me straight. i didnt say that any tax that i owed over $1000 was a lot, i said $100. and that IS chump change, i have come to find out. that is all. over.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Birth and Taxes

well, i have just done my taxes. hey, how bout that waiting for the last minute? oh, well. here is a weird thing i have found. i always get a refund from federal and always owe to state. i went over my last 3 years (2002-2004 taxes) and was surprized at what i found out. my fed return has been in the low 300s (around $320) but in 02 the state owe was $2, in 03 it was $34 and in 04 it was $329. that was $2 more than the fed refund! what is that about?

and that whole phrase as inevidible as death and taxes? well to me, who was born on april 12th, it seems more like birth and taxes. and i do my taxes right around my birthday. huh.

so now im $2 poorer. i guess it could be much much worse. bill says he had to pay tons, but i told him anything over $1000 would be incomprehensible and upsetting to me, so he didnt tell me, but laughed and said he wished.

time to get those wretched people in power out of power. grrr!

Thursday, March 31, 2005

South Carolina

A while back (in Feb) i went to SC with Bill. Clemson, actually. I didnt really like the parts he was showing me. the really ritzy or the super redneck poor parts. so i was not most impressed. but on the day we left i saw lots of other places and they were not so bad. it was no DE with wide open spaces and fields as far as the eye can see, but it was ok.

but it doesnt really matter how good or bad it is, b/c that is where Bill wants to be and i want to be with Bill.

Today i got a bop on the head when Bill said that he maybe wanted to go to Clemson at the end of the summer and i told him what i thought about that was "GAAAAAAHHHH". mostly b/c that is so soon. i hadnt really thought anything would happen that quickly.

so probably some time in the future (possibly near) i may re-locate from MD to SC.
its sorta overwhelming.

i think i have to puke now.


i forgot to tell this in all the easter festivities. on good friday (march 25) my newest neice, Mariah Alyce (uh-leese), was born. she weighed 6 lbs even. she was 3 weeks early, and megan was induced cuz of high blood pressure. Mariah looked fine and Megan looked pretty good too, considering.

so now i have a new little girl to make froo-froo clothes for. tra la!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

easter makes me tired

i came home to my parents house on friday night. and ate too much. every day. every meal. not that it wasnt good food.

i just woke from a nap. its just after 10 am now. ive been sleeping for a few hours. and then up for more. mom really loves to go to sunrise service on easter sunday. i prefer sleeping to standing in the cold (usually rain). so i was woken at 5:11, when i asked to be woken no earlier than 5:15. 4 mins is trifling, but that was 4 mins that i now will never get back. and it took me 11 mins to get ready, which no-one belived was possible. HA!

so i am tired, and once again hungry. unfortunately, i ate about 15 of my twenty daily points at breakfast. and have done no exercize to offset extra. huh. guess i'll just be heavy on my next weigh in.

well, time to get ready for going to my grandparents. im wearing jeans. and a cantelope colored sweater. uh-oh, earthtone shannan is going pastel. just getting into the easter spirit.

Friday, March 25, 2005

weight watchers

a few weeks ago (exactly 3 now) i was out trying on clothes and i realized that i did not look good. my 30 year old body was not living up to my expectations. i mean, i feed it regularly and occasionally go for walks in it, and yet it was a pudgy white thing. like a grub. maybe i shouldnt have got that full length mirror, fluorescent light effect in february. so i have been going to weight watchers. my goal is to get back to 125 like i was since i was 16.

the first week i lost 2 lbs. the second 0.8 lbs. this week (weigh in is monday) im thinking it will be none. b/c i am at home. and on my way home today i stopped at the candy store. then wendy's. then i ate dinner with parents. now im eating ice cream. i am sure that (any one of those things, actually) is more points than i should be eating.

on a bright note, bill likes me like i am and last week he said i was "wasting away to nothing" or some such. (thats after the 2 lb loss, bringing me to 135. wa ha.

mmmm....coffee ice cream.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Vera's white sands

i dont know who anon 1 is. i know who some of my anon people are, mom, bill. ok, thats it. but anon 1 wanted to know what veras was. it is a restaourant. it is wacky. there is this really old lady who owns it and runs it (sorta) and its very kitchy and from the 50's-70's and decorated like a "tropical paradise" only weird. and the food is not so good. mostly you go just to say you have. but it is in the continental us. it is waterfront on the patuxent river cuz it used to be a fishing place or marina or something. now its got a great big pink sign thats a great landmark and thats about it. lala, the end.


the theater in many different aspects are very important in my life.

tuesday i spent the ENTIRE day (from 9 am to 9 pm) with brief breaks for food and bathroom on the couch watching movies. is that theater? dunno, but im counting it.

i work often doing costumes for theater groups that i work with.

i am insane for deciding to direct, play in and costume a play this summer.

im helping (by being an artist eye) in the set design of Sojourner: a tribute to Led Zepplin.

i am depressed and totally unable to cope with the lack of communication with Bill while he is in London enjoying the theatre. it ends in a "re" in britian. im sure of it.

so i did not think that it would be so bad, but i get melancoly when i get home and there is no blinky red light on my answering machine. i am astounded that there are no emails waiting for me when i am bored at work (today). and i will be very very glad when bill returns from across the pond. huh. 5 more days.

i did get two letters from him today in the mail. YAY!